Imagine you’ve left the old story behind. You know, the one that takes for granted that earth belongs to humans to exploit at will. You’ve started a hike into the unknown. There’s no map and for all you know you could be going in circles. You turn around and see the smog hanging over the world you left behind, and realize that even if you’re lost and without a map you’re still on the right track.

Campfire Stories is a platform for film that wants to find and affect the root cause of our global issues, instead of just pointing out the symptoms.

On Separation (12 mins)

I think there’s a common root to all the different crises facing humanity right now. I think that war, environmental collapse, inequality, rape, racism, sexism, depression, greed and addiction all come from the same place. And I think we need to go all the way back to that place in order to be able to move forward; to better understand the way we act and to start making meaningful change.

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Film library

An Unlearning (25 min)

When I was growing up I had the feeling something was “off” in the world. But I could never pinpoint what it was. Until I read Charles Eisenstein’s books.

On Fear (11 mins)

A bird falls dead at my feet and sends my thoughts spinning. An image of me on my own death bed. What will I be thinking about in my waning moments?

Birdhouse man (15 mins)

Passion. Obsession. And the best birdhouse in the world. My father may be over 80 but there’s no stopping him when inspiration strikes!

Seven o’clock (5 mins)

Most of us seem to believe there actually is such a thing as time, such a thing as tomorrow. But, of course, when we get to tomorrow it’s turned into the now.

On Freedom (18 mins)

A conversation with musician Randy K on his boat in New York. About being knocked out, having less but giving more, and forgiving your enemy.

On Ancestry (58 mins)

What does ancestry mean? For someone who’s adopted this is an acute question. A film about Emilio searching for his roots in Colombia.