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We’re releasing a new film every two weeks for the next couple of months. At the bottom of this page you can see when the next release takes place. In addition we’re doing an interview series with author Charles Eisenstein where we’re making a new episode available every Sunday.

Campfire Stories is a platform for film that wants to find and affect the root cause of our global issues, instead of just pointing out the symptoms.

Charles Eisenstein on News and Nelson Mandela’s Grandmother (7 mins)

One of my biggest inspirators Charles Eisenstein recently visited my hometown of Järna, Sweden to attend a gathering at the Youth Initiative Program. I’m making a film about his visit and our meeting, which will be released on October 11th. Up until then I’ll release a series of clips – one per week – from the interview I made with him.

Tune in every Sunday for a new clip, and on Oct 11th for the film. Or sign up to our newsletter (you’ll find the signup form a bit further down) to receive reminder emails.

Upcoming episodes:
Episode 3: Charles Eisenstein on Ideals clashing with Everyday Life
Episode 4: Charles Eisenstein on Artificial Intelligence
Episode 5: Charles Eisenstein on Population – the Elephant in the Room or a Red Herring?
Episode 6: Charles Eisenstein on Grief
Episode 7: Charles Eisenstein on wheather or not UFO:s are powered with Propulsion
Episode 8: Charles Eisenstein on Good vs. Evil
Episode 9: Charles Eisenstein on Proper Application of Technology

Previously released episode:
Episode 1: Charles Eisenstein on the Story of Separation and the Story of Interbeing

Ordinarily I ask my audience to buy a ticket for each film they watch here. In the case of this series I’d ask you to buy a ticket one time for the whole series. The Box Office is located just below. You know what it’s worth to you, so you set the price.

Box office – get your ticket here!

Your payment goes towards producing the next film. It also helps make sure all collaborators – such as composers, sound mixers and web designers – get paid fairly. Recommended ticket price = a cup of tea at your local café. If you’re a student or unemployed, feel free to proceed without paying.  

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Viewers in Sweden can pay using Swish instead. The number is +46 739 137614. Mark payment with the title of the film.

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Film library

Birdhouse man (15 mins)

Passion. Obsession. And the best birdhouse in the world. My father may be over 80 but there’s no stopping him when he’s feeling inspired.

Seven o’clock (5 mins)

The present moment is the only one that exists. Some of us need a little help stepping into presence.

On Freedom (18 mins)

A visit to Randy’s boat and a conversation on “the clunk”, having less but giving more and forgiving your enemy.

On Ancestry (58 mins)

What does ancestry mean? For someone who’s adopted this is an acute question. A film about Emilio searching for his roots in Colombia.