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Imagine that you’ve left the old story behind. You know, the one that takes for granted that Earth belongs to humans, to rule and to own. You’ve started a hike into unknown territory, and there are no maps. You don’t know your destination, and for all you know you could be going in circles. But it feels awesome to have left, to breathe the fresh air and be on the way.

You get to a peak where you turn around to take in the view. On the horizon you see the smog of the old world, and suddenly you realize, that even if you’re lost and mapless, you’re still on the right track. As you continue you meet other hikers with whom you stop and share a moment. As evening approaches, you decide to pitch your tent near your newfound friends. After dinner you gather around the campfire. You start telling the others about who you are, why you’re leaving the old story behind, and where you hope this hike will take you. Your fellow travelers listen and offer their own stories. The spaces between words are filled with the crackling of the fire and the song of a million crickets. The air is crisp, and the stars seem brighter than ever.


For a non-metaforical description of what Campfire Stories is:

I think there’s a common root to all the different crises facing humanity right now. I think that war, environmental collapse, inequality, rape, racism, sexism, depression, greed and addiction all come from the same place. And I think we need to go all the way back to that place in order to be able to move forward; to better understand the way we act and to start making meaningful change.

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/Mattias Olsson

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