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Welcome to Campfire Stories!

(Me) Welcome to Campfire Stories!
(You) What do you mean "welcome"? We’ve been here for a while.
(Me) I know. Sorry. It’s just that I’ve been working on this welcome video, and I wanted to try it out on you.
(You) Hmm. Ok, fair enough. What is it that you want to try out?
(Me) Well, you know how sometimes you end up on someone’s Youtube page, maybe because you happened upon one of their videos, and you ask yourself: ”What’s this channel all about?”, and you go to their Youtube main page and if you’re lucky there’s one of those informative, maybe a little bit funny videos that explain just that.
(You) ?
(Me) Ok, so maybe that hasn’t happened to you, but at any rate, I wanted to make one of those videos.
(You) ?
(Me) You know, in case someone happens upon my Youtube page, perhaps because they saw the popular ”The Art of Slowing Down Time” (200 000 views now) because they’re into solo-sailing or something. And I basically want them to know more about Campfire Stories. I want them – or some of them anyway – to check out the other films, to sign up to this newsletter and you know, maybe even become a patron down the line.
(You) Ok. Well, it sounds a little bit insane, but maybe you’ll get a few people to dive deeper into Campfire Stories this way. But hey, all of us here – the ones already on your newsletter – we already know all about what it is and how to stay in touch and all of that. So why send this to us?
(Me) Sorry. I just wanted to try it out on you I guess. Maybe I thought some of you would enjoy it. Or maybe I was just so pleased with how it came out that I wanted to show it off. I don’t know. I’m sorry I bothered you with all of this, including this totally phoney dialogue.
(You) It’s ok. We got you. And no worries, we’ll check out your little video there.
(Me) Thank you (teary eyed).
(You) But hey, don’t you lose focus on that feature length doc you’re working on. We’re really only staying in here, putting up with all of this because we’re waiting for that one to drop. What's it called, ”Journey Into Transition”?
(Me) That’s actually only the working title (sobbing).
(You) Ok. Alright, stop your crying there, big boy. Off you go! Back to work! See you later.
(Me) Thank you! Yessirmadam! Right away!