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Dear friends,

When I mapped out the three week crowdfunding campaign (to fund the post production for the next film) I thought to myself: ”I better save something really good for the last week, when everyone will be sick of hearing me go on about the campaign.”

Well, here we are. It’s the last week. You’re probably sick of hearing me going on about it. And I’ve saved the best for last!

It’s no secret that the artist and poet Maria Westerberg is part of the film I’m working on. I was initially going to have her chapter of the film center around one of her poems called #treetoo. But then, after I had filmed with her on a few separate occasions, I just had too much great material. I couldn't fit it all.

In the end I lifted the poem out of the film to give room for other wisdom. And turned it into its own film. A little four minute poem-film that I’m thrilled to present today.

The thing just gives me goosebumps! I hope it does you too!




Oh, and in case you’re wondering about how the campaign is going. It started out real strong, then dipped a little bit during week #2. Now we’re entering into the final week, and we’re inching close to the goal. To be precise, we’re at SEK 72 509 out of SEK 80 000.

A SEK 250 (US $25) or more gets your name in the credits!

If you’re in Sweden and have Swish that’s probably the easiest way to donate: 0739 137614 (Mattias Olsson). You can also click the image above to get to the campaign page where you can donate using Paypal or credit card.

Thank you so very much!