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The Latest 12 Months at Campfire Stories

Hello everybody!

Summer is here and I've been more busy with building a greenhouse and caring for our animals and seedlings than I have been with filming, interviewing and editing. I'll be back to the filming business with full force soon enough, but for right now it's all about the tomatoes, chilies, beets, cucumbers, carrots and pumpkins.

At this point of the year it's nice to reflect back over what's transpired at Campfire Stories over the past 12 months. And it's quite amazing to see it all lined up like this (see below).

I hope there's a few golden nuggets in there for you to re-discover. Sending you lots of love along the way.

Mattias Olsson

Kolonien x 5 Short Films

The family band Kolonien started out as a protest band for the green movement. As the converging crises of our times have intensified, the band is maturing into a potent voice for a more beautiful world. This is a five part documentary series that was filmed during the making of their latest album "Till Skogen".

A Visit to Andy Land

Andy Frank and the HighValley Market. A celebration of a neighbourhood and the co-creation of a resilient community. A clip from our upcoming film ”A Journey Into Transition”.

From Life in the City
To Sheep Farming

Meet author and farmer Axel Lindén. This is a clip from the upcoming film “A Journey into Transition”.

Animism and Modernity

Rasmussen does not believe that animism belongs in the dusty cabinets of the “ancient history museum of humanity”.

Art and Dance as Therapy

As a child, Mariama was sexually abused by a neighbour. With this film, and through dance and art, she begins to heal the trauma.

Poetry on Slowing Down

A poem on Stillness from spiritual activist and writer Stephen Jenkinson. Composition by Gregory Hoskins.

Trailer for our Next Film

“What if my actions matter deeply?” That’s a six word sentence with some pretty big implications. This is a trailer for the feature length documentary we're currently working on.

Interview with Yours Truly

Mattias Olsson, founder of Campfire Stories, is interviewed by Andy Cahill on the podcast “The Wonder Dome”.

Life Simplified

Sandra Falkeborn became burned out and realised she needed to downshift her life. She quit her job and built her own 11 square meter tiny house.

Meet Pella of End Ecocide

Pella Thiel is an ecologist and the founder of the Swedish Transition Network. Here we talk about Nature’s Rights, and why it’s such a powerful idea.

Solo Sailing the Atlantic

In this documentary, solo sailor Emma leaves the stress of modern life to journey across the Atlantic. With poetry by Stephen Jenkinson.

Regrowing a Living Culture

Dougald Hine is a writer and social thinker, and one of the founders of the Dark Mountain Project. In this interview he’ll share his thoughts on “pocket sized universities” and on the importance of regrowing a living culture.