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An Unlearning, Re-Released

Hello everyone!

I've just given one of the foundational Campfire Stories films a facelift.

"An Unlearning", is a film about my meeting with author and philosopher Charles Eisenstein, and it really marked my beginning of working in gift economy, and making films in service to the earth, as opposed to doing so for the sake of my career.

Quick backstory: I had come across Eisenstein's book "The Ascent of Humanity", which gave the best answer I'd ever heard to the question "How did we get here, to the brink of collapse, and how could it be instead?". The book changed my life. And a few months after reading it, I heard its author was coming to visit the small town in Sweden where I live.

On a parallell timeline, a therapist had helped my surface the realisation that I was being very condemning of younger versions of myself. In my mind, the current "I" was just about OK, whereas that of my 30's was naïve, even stupid, and from there, my self-view got darker as it went back through my 20's and beyond.

In attempting to dissolve some of that negativity, I was going through a period of meditating on *liking myself* at different ages, beginning with early childhood. This was going on while I was working on "An Unlearning", and the meditation kind of spilled into the creative process. Something that can been seen very clearly in its opening sequence, and even more at the end, during the credits.

Originally, this film had a Swedish voiceover, but since the majority of the Friends of Campfire Stories are non-Swedish speakers, I've now changed it into English. I've also gone through the editing, color grading and sound design to create an updated version of the film.

Cinematically speaking, this is not a film that's going to win any awards. But the message of "An Unlearning" is revolutionary. Well, I don't know if it is for you, but it absolutely is for me. And it has pretty much set the tone for everything I've done since, and for what I'm likely to do for the rest of my filmmaking days.

With love,

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