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The Art of Slowing Down Time has been viewed over 200 000 times on Youtube.
Now it's available with English, Swedish, French and Spanish subtitles.

Hello everyone!

I recently met up with an old friend, Ulrika, for the first time since highschool. After a back and forth of trying to sum up the last 30 years of our lives we got to: "So, what are you working with now?". It turned out she is a French - Swedish translator.

Translating The Art of Slowing Down Time isn't easy. There's quite a bit of sailing lingo that you won't find in regular dictionaries. And navigating Stephen Jenkinson's poetry requires equal measures of life experience and sensitivity – in addition to the adequate linguistic skills needed to get the job done.

It seems we're headed in a hurry towards: "Every film ever made, auto translated into every possible language". Maybe that's a good thing? Doesn't feel good though. Not to me.

I don't know for how long Campfire Stories will pride itself on arbitrary hand crafted subtitles, having come about through real connection. But while it does, I invite you to watch, or maybe rewatch, The Art of Slowing Down Time. Now available with English, Swedish, French and Spanish subtitle options.

I'll save the beautiful story of how the Spanish subtitles came to be for another time.


PS. If you feel drawn to translating one of the Campfire Stories films, please contact me and we can have a conversation about it.

"A refreshing perspective on what it means to be wealthy" –Don Smith, Kiss the Ground

Another one of our films, Into the Soil, has also turned into quite the Youtube hit, with over 150 000 views in the last month. I was reluctant to put my films on Youtube for a long time, because I wanted to remain ad-free. But I decided to try it a while ago, figuring these films might reach people who would've otherwise never heard of Campfire Stories.

I now think of the Campfire Stories homepage and our Youtube page as two different universes – the former being the ad-free homestead where the close circle hangs out (you all!) and the latter being a hand reached out to the rest of the world. I guess it's working out pretty well so far.

And on a side note, my kids now finally understand what I do for a living, as I can tell them I'm a Youtuber :-)