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Ghosts, Rivers and the Law

It’s no easy thing to get Stephen Jenkinson to speak about the supernatural. Whenever I've ask him about stuff in that direction, he's put on a playful face, like he's holding onto some real good intel, but unfortunately is sworn to secrecy. And then he'll answer – bending the question ever so slightly – with a tale of a sunrise and a ceremony by the river. Masterful, yes. But also a bit frustrating.

A while back a book fell out of the bookcase in my living room. I didn’t think much of it. I walked over and put it back. Five minutes later it fell out again. A few days later, the biggest one of them all – a law book weighing 2,8 kilos – came crashing down on its own accord.

If you scroll to the 59 minute mark of the podcast episode Stephen Jenkinson on the Corona Crisis you can hear me telling the whole story and attempting to get Jenkinson’s take on what might’ve been going on there. If he thought it reasonable to believe a visitor from the other side had been poking around my library? Maybe one that wasn't too impressed with the law?

I'll say one more thing about this particular interview: It was was one that Stephen really enjoyed. Or, as he put it right after we’d finished up:

- I’m just going to say it. That was pretty f*cking good. Lord have mercy. I wish I was listening to that.

No guarantees you'll feel the same way obviously. But could be worth taking a chance on.

Stephen Jenkinson On the Road

Don’t miss out on a unique evening in Järna, Sweden on Aug 16th, where I'll be interviewing Jenkinson in front of a live audience.

Also, if you’re anywhere near Malmö, Sweden on Aug 14th, please don’t miss the chance to see a Night of Grief and Mystery in person, with Stephen Jenkinson and Gregory Hoskins. Get your ticket here.

There’s a bunch of other shows happening over the next few weeks - in the US, Canada, UK and Norway for example. Check the full list here.

And if you're unsure of what a Night of Grief and Mystery is, may I suggest watching the film Lost Nation Road, by Ian MacKenzie, which will give you a flavour.

From the Ruins of a Greenhouse

A live podcast recording in the burned down community greenhouse at Under Tallarna in Järna, Sweden. Stephen Jenkinson has been interviewed by Campfire Stories founder Mattias Olsson before, but never like this. An evening that is more ceremony than conversation. Join us in the cracks and shadows at the outskirts of modernity for a talk on ashes, grief and mystery.

In Other News

Our feature film Imprint ("Avtryck") is in its final stages. The score is composed and recorded. The sound design and mixing is all but complete. I’m currently working on the subtitles. The final step will be color grading. Looks like we’re on schedule for an August release! Stay on this newsletter for information on the premiere. I’m preparing something special for you all, who’ve stuck with me through the "dry spell in output" while I've been busy wrangling this beast.

Be well!