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The Film Is Finished!

It took over two years, but now it's done! Two years boiled down into a 76 minute film. What a strange business this is ...

So, straight to the big question: when, where and how will you be able to see it? Well, if you live in my home town of Järna, Sweden you can join me at the film's sneak-peek-pre-premiere at Gula Villan on Aug 20th.

Chances are you're not living here though, and there will be plenty of other opportunities to see it of course. If you're in Sweden I'll be touring with the film all over the place in the coming months. More info to come about that soon.

And if you're living elsewhere in the world? Don't worry, I've got you covered. For starters I'm planning two online screenings at the end of August - one in English and one in Swedish. I will likely send out those details in the next newsletter, but you can already jot down Aug 24th for the Swedish screening and Aug 27th for the one in English. But, like I said, more info about that to come soon ...

From the Ruins of a Greenhouse

Other than fidgeting with subtitles and a few other final details of the film, I'm busy these days planning the big Stephen Jenkinson event here in Järna on Aug 16th. I so wish I could invite you all to be here in person for that, but it is one of those old fashioned in-person events. I will record it though, and am planning to make it available afterwards in one way or another.

On a final note I'd like to recommend episodes 10 and 11 of the Campfire Podcast, if you haven't heard those yet. In preparation for the upcoming event I was re-listening to them and there's just so much juiciness in there; all the way from some of my Sunday School misunderstandings to Stephen's "hope free" approach to life. Not to mention the potent marriage of Daniel Quinn's book "Ishmael" (which I wholeheartedly recommend) with Jenkinson's analysis. This one's well worth the ride!

Thanks for being here.
Lots and lots of love.


PS. My Malmö/Lund crew: see you at the Night of Grief and Mystery in Malmö on Aug 14th?