This is the beginning of an inspiration archive. I will give three recommendations – for a book, a film and a pod – that have inspired me in the direction of ecological balance and human sanity. I will then pass the invitation on to a person who I see as a rolemodel in these matters, who will give his/her recommendations. She or he will then pass it on to someone else and so forth. It’s an experiment, and I’ve no idea where it’ll go. But I’m really excited to find out.

Recommendations from: Mattias Olsson of Campfire Stories.


A Book

This book turned everything inside out for me. It put words on a feeling I’d carried since childhood, that all is not well in the world. It resonated so deeply with me it literally took my breath away. After reading it I moved to the countryside, started growing my own food and quit my job to start Campfire Stories.

A Film

This is a fairytale (documentary) of the old sort, set in the new world. Rob Greenfield has his bamboo bike stolen. It’s one of about 100 possesions he has to his name, and it’s carried him across the USA several times, and is of great value to him. His question is: “How can I turn this miserable situation into something positive?”. Come along for this journey. The ending had me in tears.

A Pod

This podcast is an incredible archive of interviews with people of all walks of life who are making this world a better place in very different ways. Always interesting, heartbreaking and uplifting – often all three at once. Ayana Young is relentless, kind and sharp in her mission to bring change-making interviews to the listeners.
My job next is to pass the baton to someone who inspires me. I have someone in mind and as soon as I get her response I’ll post it here. Before we know it this could turn into quite the list!

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