A Tale from the Woods. Documentary, 46 minutes.

In spite of the forestry industry’s attempts to be viewed as “green”, the sadness in one’s soul at the sight of a clear cut is palpable. Is it really possible to chop down an entire woods and still use labels as “environmental care”? And how does our view of the forest change when we stop seeing it as an economic resource and instead as an invitation to an ecological partnership?

Cast: Maria “Vildhjärta” Westerberg (artist, poet), Rebecka Le Moine (biologist/politician), Anders Lindroth (researcher), Mikael Karlsson (ecoforestry spokesperson), Andris Fågelviskare (tracker, nature guide) and Ben Bushill (carpenter, poet).

Directed and produced by Mattias Olsson for Campfire Stories. Score composed by Mischa Grind. Audio design by Jonas Källstrand. Audio mix by Boris Laible. Co-producer: John Nyberg

Follow this link for a trailer: https://vimeo.com/402533834


Watch a clip of the director Mattias Olsson on how this film came about.
Here’s a video presentation of the cast members.
Mikael Karlsson from the film runs the project Ecoforestry Foundation.
Mischa Grind created the music for the film. More on the music of his band Kolonien here.
Jonas Källstrand did the audio design for the film but he’s also a musician. Listen to his music here.
Boris Laible did the audio mixing for the film. More on his work here.
Maria Vildhjärta is a “twig artist” and poet. More on her work here.
Ben Bushill is a carpenter and poet. He was the subject of another Campfire Stories film which you can watch here.
Andris Birdwhisperer, who’s part of the cast of this film, can imitate over 100 different species of birds. He’s featured in one of the chapters of the Campfire Stories film Morphic Resonance.

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