I just came back from the first production day of a new film I’m working on titled “A Tale from the Woods”. I’m lucky enough to live close to Mikael Karlsson who is one of the most knowledgeable people in Sweden when it comes to Eco Forestry. We spent a long day together in the woods, talking about alternatives to the clear cutting logging industry that has left Sweden with less than 1 % of it’s virgin forests.

This film was sparked by a commercial I saw on TV last fall, where un umbrella organisation for the Swedish logging industry claimed that clear cutting and planting new pine trees is good for the environment and a smart choice for the future. In my film I aim to examine their arguments a little closer, and maybe even suggest a completely different approach to logging.

Like Mikael says: “The art of chopping down trees and still have the forest left.”

Links for more info on Mikael’s work (currently only available in Swedish)


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