About the payment system

My work is sacred to me. It takes between three and twelve months to make a Campfire Stories film (sometimes longer – The Story of Dorel & Ricardo took several years) and I pour all of my care and creativity into each one. So how could I set a pricetag? Regardless of the price I’d set, it would be infinitely too low. Yet at the same time it might be infinitely too high for someone who was expecting the contents of this platform to be free.

I don’t like paywalls that separate me from online contents I’m interested in, and I imagine you don’t either. It’s important to me that you’re able to see the films here without paying if you choose to. Maybe you’re a student, or maybe you’re on a limited budget for some other reason.

Also, what if you don’t know how much a certain film is worth to you until you’ve seen it? Maybe you watched a film here that was a total waste of your time? Or maybe you saw one that touched you deeply? I don’t know these things. This is why you’re setting the price.

If you’re the kind of person who find it annoying to go get your creditcard for each film, maybe you prefer to get a one month subscription to all of the contents on Campfire Stories? Or maybe a one year subscription? Go ahead. You know what it’s worth to you and you know your financial situation.

One thing you can be sure about when you make a payment here is that every penny goes back into production of more films and the maintenance and development of the platform. Your ticket purchase is how I can keep doing this.

To make a donation now, visit the Box Office.

Thank you!

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