An Unlearning – My Meeting with Charles Eisenstein

Documentary, 20 min.

Throughout the latter stages of my childhood and into my teens I had a feeling that things somehow weren’t the way they were supposed to be. That there was something wrong with … how should I put it? … with how life was presented to me. The reasons given for learning to sit still in school. The importance that seemed to be attached to doing your homework and getting good grades.

But none of my friends, family or teachers seemed to echo that feeling, so I pushed it away. I got with the program. Did ok in school. Grew up. Pursued a career. Traveled. Did the things that young adults were supposed to do. And that feeling of something being wrong, I shoved into some dark corner of my consciousness.

A few years ago a book came my way, like books sometimes do. It was called “The Ascent of Humanity”, written by Charles Eisenstein. It turns out he too had a feeling growing up that things weren’t the way they were meant to. Only he’d been able to pinpoint where the wrongness stemmed from, and offer up an alternative to the ways passed down to us. That book changed my life.

By some stroke of synchronicity, Charles Eisenstein was recently invited to my hometown to parttake in a seminar at something called the Youth Initiative Program. I sent a message to Charles through the contact form of his website, not expecting an answer. But an answer I got: “Charles is happy to meet with you while he’s in Sweden.”


More of Eisenstein

If you want more of Charles Eisenstein, check out our interview series with him as well. The topics range from Artificial Intelligence to the importance of Grief and whether or not UFO:s are powered with propulsion.

Also check out our podcast episode Charles Eisenstein on the Corona Crisis.

You may also enjoy our film On Compassion, which was inspired by one of Charle’s essays.

And finally, if you want even more I’d like to recommend episode 22 of the podcast The Ministry of Change. When I met up with Charles for our interview, Marcus Pibworth, who runs The Ministry of Change (a podcast about mental health), had just asked if he could interview him as well. We decided to combine our sessions. So this episode was recorded in the same space, right after my interview.

Spreading the love

Did you love Katie Norregaard‘s beautiful version of “It’s you I like” (The Mr. Rogers song)? Check out more of her music here.

If the four piece family band Kolonien, with star fiddler Anna Möller, swept you off your feet – learn more here. Or watch our five part documentary on the band.

The wonderful artist playing the piano at YIP goes by Ode Milk. Learn more about her here.

Filmmaker Thomas Schäfer contributed to the film with support and some great concert footage. He’s working on a really interesting film project called The Wisdom of Food. I highly recommend you check it out.

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