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I was recently a guest on the Swedish podcast “Bortom Ekorrhjulet” (which roughly translates to “Beyond the daily grind”). The pod is dedicated to questions like “Do we really need to be part of the regular work system, burning ourselves out while at the same time taking part in the poisonous economy of exponential growth? And if we allow ourselves to go with our heart and work with the thing we resonate with on a deeper level – the thing, maybe even, that we feel we were put here on this earth to do – would that work out? Would we be able to put food on the table and a roof over our head? Do work and that thing we love necessarily need to be opposing forces?”

The interview is in Swedish, so apologies to those who therefore won’t be able to understand it. I’ll get back to you if and when I’m interviewed on an English speaking podcast.

Click the image below to hear the conversation between myself and Johanna & Katta – two sisters who’ve dedicated themselves to finding all sorts of inspirational stories about people who’ve taken a leap of faith lead by their hearts.

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