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Thoughts, ideas and announcements tend to pop up in my mind. Some of them go here.

The reviews are in

A handful of reviews have now come in for the film Morphic Resonance.

State of affairs

Exciting news, free tickets and a general update on the state of affairs at Campfire Stories. A newsletter in video form.

Beyond the daily grind

An interview with Mattias Olsson of Campfire Stories on the pod “Bortom Ekorrhjulet”.

I work for Charles

It was a sudden realisation that things work in the opposite direction from how I’d been taught. The question isn’t “What do I need to do to make enough money to get by?”. The question is “What feels the most right to do?”.

A (true) Christmas story

“As it turns out, basic reverse psychology works pretty well with television executives. I told them they couldn’t have it. It made them want it.”

The Jester

It started like this: “I’m going to need some music for that intro.” But then it turned into something else.

Starry night, misty morning

I experimented with filming the night sky once before, so I had a pretty good idea of what my equipment was capable of. I packed my gear and biked down to the little dock near my house where I set up my camera on a tripod.

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