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Charles Eisenstein on Grief (6 min)

One of my biggest inspirators Charles Eisenstein recently visited my hometown of Järna, Sweden to attend a gathering at the Youth Initiative Program. I’m making a film about his visit and our meeting, which will be released on October 11th. Up until then I’ll release a series of clips – one per week – from the interview.

Ordinarily I ask my audience to buy a ticket for each film they watch here. In the case of this series I’d ask you to buy a ticket one time for the whole series. The Box Office is located at the top of the right column of this page. You know what it’s worth to you, so you set the price.

Upcoming episodes:
30 Sept: On wheather or not UFO:s are powered with Propulsion
7 Oct: On Proper Application of Technology
11 Oct: An Unlearning (a 25 minute film on my meeting with Charles Eisenstein)

See previously released episodes below.

And if you want even more of Charles Eisenstein I’d like to recommend this podcast where Marcus Pibworth from The Ministry of Change talks with Charles about mental health. Marcus and I interviewed Charles right after one another – his topic mental health and mine the environment.

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