On the Story of Separation and the Story of Interbeing

One of my biggest inspirators Charles Eisenstein recently visited my hometown of Järna, Sweden to attend a gathering at the Youth Initiative Program. I’ve made a film called “An Unlearning” about his visit and our meeting. The film is available here.

We had an hour-long interview, full of wise words and interesting topics, and there was no way to fit the whole thing into the film. Therefore, I’ve made this series available. The featured clip above will serve as a nice introduction to Charles and the idea of interbeing that underpins all of his writings. And if that whets your appetite you can browse other topics below.

Ordinarily I ask my audience to buy a ticket for each film they watch here. In the case of this series I’d ask you to buy a ticket one time for the whole series. The Box Office is located at the top of the right column of this page. You know what it’s worth to you, so you set the price.

If you want even more of Charles Eisenstein I’d like to recommend this podcast where Marcus Pibworth from The Ministry of Change talks with Charles about mental health (episode #22). Marcus and I interviewed Charles right after one another – his topic mental health and mine the environment.

More episodes

On News and Nelson Mandela’s Grandmother (7 mins)

I’m having a hard time watching the news lately. The weight of all the important and horrible things out there incapacitate and depress me. When I stay away from the news I feel much better and have energy to do the little but positive things that make a difference in my corner of life. But there’s a stigma attached to not watching the news. A voice in my heads is telling me it’s important to stay informed.

On Ideals clashing with Everyday Life (6 mins)

In my day-to-day choices I often find it difficult to follow my own higher morals. Like, I don’t want to contribute to global warming, yet I find myself driving my old gas guzzling car most every day. In this episode I ask Charles about what kind of situations he comes across in his everyday life where he’s tempted to compromise his ideals.

On Grief (6 min)

I’ve identified four important pillars that allow me to live life well. Three of them I have a pretty good idea of how to implement. The fourth one, I have no clue. The pillars are: Contemplation, Action, Grief and Celebration.

On Artificial Intelligence (8 mins)

Some of my friends are super excited about A.I and the promises of the looming Technological Singularity. These things frighten me and seem to represent the wrong path for humanity. I was curious to hear Charles’ take on it.

On Population: the Elephant in the Room or a Red Herring? (6 min)

Whenever I think about the challenges we face to restore a balanced eco system on this planet, the amount of humans on this globe always comes up for me. It just seems like an impossible task when there’s so many of us. Also, I heard that the doubling of the population occurs twice as fast for each time it doubles. Exponential catastrophy in the making?

On whether or not UFO:s are powered with propulsion (8 min)

I’m crazy about anything to do with space, science fiction and cosmology. I find it intriguing to read about the Big Bang and possible alien visitors to earth, and I love taking my telescope out on a clear night. But the idea that we’re destined to go colonize other planets isn’t one I share.

Perhaps I was a little embarrassed to ask Charles about this topic. I thought maybe he’d think it didn’t really relate to his work. But I was super curious to hear what thoughts he might have on space, UFO:s and the human endeavor to find exo planets out there.

On Good vs. Evil (8 mins)

We’re so conditioned to looking at the world in terms of Good vs. Evil that, whatever the issue, we’re always looking for a villain to defeat. Just think of The War on Terrorism (the evil terrorists). The War on Drugs (the evil drug producers). The War on Climate Change (greenhouse gas emissions). Insert anything really: Desease (germs). Poverty (greed). Racism (racists). It seems our destiny is to go to war against those evil guys. But nobody seems to be asking what’s at the root of the evil, the greed or the racism. The cause of the greenhouse gas emissions. Or the function of the germs.

On Proper Application of Technology (3 mins)

Charles writes in “The Ascent of Humanity” that we’ve been blinded by the promise of Techno Utopia. I agree, but at the same time I get excited whenever I hear about a new technological invention to help clean up the plastics from the oceans or CO2-emissions from the air. What is Charles’ relation to technology?

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