Being a person who wants to get things done in this world, I think it’s fair to ask “Who am I?” But maybe a more relevant question is “Who are my friends?”

I feel blessed to have found a partner to collaborate with in producing the films for Campfire Stories, who not only complements my skill set nicely, but who’s also both humble, sharp and insanely talented. I’m talking about my friend and colleague Boris Laible. The most highly skilled editor and sound designer I’ve met.

I think the above short film introduces him pretty well, so I’ll let you judge for yourself. The project we’re working on is an adaptaion of Charles Eisenstein‘s essay “What’s it like to be you?”, which will be released in a few months. Until then, enjoy this preview. And the craftsmanship of Boris Laible.

More of Boris

If you want to enjoy more of Boris’ work, I’d recommend you check out the short film Seven o’Clock, which was directed by him.

Also, he’s done the audio mixing and editing consulting on the following Campfire Stories titles:
Morphic Resonance
The Story of Dorel & Ricardo
Sheriff by the Road
On Fear

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