Interview on the podcast Edgetalkers, hosted by Todd Lejnieks

I was recently interviewed on the podcast Edgetalkers. Todd asked me about what’s inspired me to bring Campfire Stories into the world, and we navigated a conversation through a lot of interesting topics and stories. Like how my father’s gold watch turned me into a filmmaker, how being a witness to the 9/11 attacks affected said filmmaking and how a certain book by a certain Charles Eisenstein made me leave everything behind and move to the countryside.

This experience felt like a beautiful conversation by a campfire somewhere out in the wild. But in reality, he was in his house in California and I in my office in Sweden, and the glow from the fire was replaced by the glow from our computer screens. Modern day campfire storytelling. Good stuff.

The films we discuss in the podcast

if you’d like to check them out, are An UnlearningMorphic Resonance and Vaccine: a conversation

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