Film library

Morphic Resonance (24 min)

A film about communication with nature, featuring amazing talents like Charu Hariharan and Andris Bird Whisperer.

An Unlearning (25 min)

When I was growing up I had the feeling something was “off” in the world. But I could never pinpoint what it was. Until I read Charles Eisenstein’s books.

On Biodynamic Farming (19 min)

I tell a friend I’ve moved to J√§rna, Sweden – a place of alternative ideas. “Oh, really? Aren’t those the nutjobs who bury cow skulls in the fields?”.

On Ancestry (58 mins)

What does ancestry mean? For someone who’s adopted this is an acute question. A film about Emilio searching for his roots in Colombia.

On Freedom (18 mins)

A conversation with musician Randy K on his boat in New York. About being knocked out, having less but giving more, and forgiving your enemy.

In a Tree (58 min)

We follow Tania as she attempts to help her friend Tomas out of depression and addiction. She convinces him to come along to a San Pedro ceremony.

Vaccine: a conversation (23 min)

What I learned during the making of this film it is this: The danger lies not in the risk of being misled into trusting the wrong camp. The risk lies in believing that such a complex matter should have an answer as simple as yes or no.

Birdhouse man (15 mins)

Passion. Obsession. And the best birdhouse in the world. My father may be over 80 but there’s no stopping him when inspiration strikes!

On Fear (11 mins)

A bird falls dead at my feet and sends my thoughts spinning. An image of me on my own death bed. What will I be thinking about in my waning moments?

Seven o’clock (5 mins)

Most of us seem to believe there actually is such a thing as time, such a thing as tomorrow. But, of course, when we get to tomorrow it’s turned into the now.

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