Learn from the Best | A Masterclass Intro with “Kimchi Queen” Brigid LeFevre

I took some time off from filmmaking this summer, to tend to my soul and to work in our vegetable garden (turned out to be the same thing). And it’s quite amazing how you can be such a total beginner at gardening and still reap the most wonderful rewards. Our kitchen is now overflowing with ripe tomatoes, cucumbers, chilies, zucchinies and beets while the pumpkins, carrots and potatoes are next in line.

We also built a hen house this summer, and bought eight little chickens, that are now about four months old. They really enjoy causing all kinds of havoc in the veggie garden, but we don’t want to deprive them the freedom of roaming about. And I suppose letting them dig up a few potatoes prematurely is an acceptable price as we’re hoping they’ll provide some seriously organic eggs pretty soon.

Even though I’ve been on a break, I haven’t been able to completely stay away from filmmaking. In this video I’m exploring the art and beauty of food fermentation, along with ”Kimchi Queen” Brigid LeFevre. Think of it as a master class intro to lacto fermentation, taught by one of the very best. And after the instructions in this video I finally know how to preserve our abundance of veggies so that the family can enjoy them all year round.

Come to think of it, fermenting is quite the revolution. It retains the vitamins of the produce, adds the health benefits of the lacto bacillus – plus, once the veggies are fermented they keep for a really long time.

Along with the fresh eggs we’re hoping will materialise soon, we can take another small step away from the supermarket in our dream of home based food-sovereignty.


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Three of our “gangsta hens” enjoying a rest in the lilac after a successful raid into the potato patch.

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