Host a screening


Host a Campfire Stories film evening

Watching films on your laptop or phone is fine, but can’t be compared to the shared experience of a gathering of friends watching together. Maybe you’ll serve some tea and invite a local artist to play between films. I recently co-hosted such an event and it was beautiful!

Feel free to select any of the films from the Campfire Stories library. If you want me to be part of it, send me an email and we’ll see what can be worked out. I could join via Skype or maybe even be there in person.

I typically do this type of thing in the spirit of the gift. Meaning you can ask each guest to pay what he or she thinks is fair, then send the collective gift through the “Box Office” here on the site. My recommended price is that of a cup of tea at your nearest café. But everyone is perfectly free to adjust it to fit their level of enthusiasm/economy. Zero is fine too (although hopefully this wouldn’t be based on enthusiasm alone!).

If you represent an institution like a school or a film club you could use the following formula: [amount of people in audience] times [price of tea at nearby café] divided by [your institution’s financial situation]. This amount could also be zero if need be. If I’m to attend I’d like my travel cost to be covered + some sort of accommodation if the trip requires an overnight stay.

Here’s to projectors, speakers, screens, tea, music and gatherings of alive people.


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