In this video I’ll show you some tricks on how to make bubbly, fizzy and delicious kombucha!

I’ve been a kombucha-brewer for about three years now and I have learned a lot from my brewing experiments. The first year I just couldn’t get it quite right. During the second year I got better and better. But lately I’ve adjusted my method further, and dare say I’ve perfected my skills.

“What is kombucha?” you might be asking. And if you are, I should warn you that this video may not be for you, since it doesn’t really get into the basics too much. Instead the film is more geared towards someone who’s been at it for a while, but still isn’t super happy with their results.

But I’ll still give answering the question a go: Kombucha is a fermented tea beverage, made from three ingredients: water, black tea and white sugar. It also happens to be the most┬ádelicious┬ábeverage I’ve ever encountered on this earth!

If you’ve tried kombucha before, and it came from a store, I have some bad news for you. You haven’t had kombucha. The home variety is a completely different animal!

My quest while refining my method these last three years was to get my kombucha to bubble, fizz and effervesce. And well, I succeded. And as a bonus side effect, the flavour of the brew intensified to the point where it now dangles somewhere between deep honey, raw ginger and ridiculuosly foaming joy.


Need more info on kombucha? Check out this really helpful blog, with all kinds of tips, tricks and ideas by AJ who knows what she’s talking about (swedish only).

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