A documentary directed by Gustav Ågerstrand

The title of the film refers to the capacity to see beyond the surface … of a tree, a plant, an animal or a person. To feel them instead of just seeing them.

The film follows Tania as she attempts to help her friend Tomas out of depression and addiction. She convinces him to come along to a San Pedro ceremony. San Pedro is a hallucinogen natural medicine, similar to Ayahuasca. Tania’s own life took a drastic turn for the better a few years back after drinking a brew from this healing plant. But probably the biggest way in which she helps Tomas is by simply seeing past his exterior and addressing that which lies beneath.

This film challenges the dominant reductionistic/materialistic worldview and is a celebration of compassion and of the mystical nature of the universe. It’s filmed with an artistic eye, and on top of that it’s tremendously well edited. 

To see a trailer, click here.

If you want to learn more about this film, you can read my interview with the director Gustav Ågerstrand.


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