A few days ago I premiered [the next Campfire Stories release] “On Biodynamic Farming” before a beautiful gathering at the Light Hub in Järna, Sweden – a wonderful centre for biodynamic farming, dance, yoga, art and more. This weekend I will screen it at Järna Film Festival – a showcase for all the talented local filmmakers of my new hometown. A festival that I’m proud to say is sponsored and co-produced by Campfire Stories. Soon the film will be available here at Campfire Stories. For now you can see a clip from it below.


I tell a friend I’ve moved to the coutryside, to a place of alternative ideas; Järna, Sweden. “Oh, really? Aren’t those the nutjobs who bury cow skulls in the fields?”. I decide to find out more about what biodynamic farming really is.

The film features Johan Nilsson – a biodynamic gardener and co-chairperson of the Swedish Biodynamic Farming Association, and Disa Mineur – a holistic reproductive coach. Music and lyrics by ever so talented Joakim Ehn.

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