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EP #77 of “The Wonder Dome”

I was recently Andy Cahill’s guest at the podcast “The Wonder Dome”. Even though the show notes for this episode make me blush a bit, I’ll paste them in below:

“Mattias Olsson is a remarkable independent documentary filmmaker and the creator of Campfire Stories, making films that touch the roots of change. His films invite us into the lives of people who are actively imagining and creating a world of ecological balance and human sanity.

And his films are truly a gift.

They serve paths towards a future that is waiting for us if we’re willing to let go of what we know. Mattias and the people he documents are standing outside the cultural norms that many of us assume to be reality. They show us that we could build communities where we see each other not as units in a transaction, but rather as full beings with gifts and ideas that will add immeasurable value to our lives.

This conversation is a wonderful look into how an artist reckons with and engages with the questions that move him, and also points towards what’s possible when we step into something that calls to us, even if we’re terrified of leaving behind the story we’ve been sold as we’ve grown up.”

You’ll get redirected to the interview by clicking the image above, or through this link. Or search for the show “The Wonder Dome” on your preferred podcast player.



The Wonder Dome is a podcast with and by Andy Cahill.
Listen to Mattias Olsson interviewed on the Edgetalker podcast.
And on the “Beyond the Daily Grind” podcast (Bortom Ekorrhjulet). In Swedish.
In this video, Mattias talks about how Campfire Stories came about.

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