Inspiring Change through Music

One of my absolute favourite bands is called Kolonien. You might have seen them playing live in our film An Unlearning (with Charles Eisenstein). Also, the band’s percussionist Mischa Grind composed the soundtrack for our film A Tale from the Woods, and the band’s guitarist Arvid Rask was the music composer for the recent Into the Soil.

The tag line for Campfire Stories is “Inspiring Change through Film”. If Kolonien had a tag line it might be “Inspiring Change through Music”.

They started out as a protest band for the green movement a decade ago. As the converging crises of our times have intensified, the band is maturing into a potent voice for a more beautiful world.

I’ve been following the band with my camera for the last few months, and the result is a five-part documentary series. Today I’m proud and happy to announce the release of episode one.

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