On Biodynamic Farming

I tell a friend I’ve moved to the coutryside, to a place of alternative ideas; Järna, Sweden. “Oh, really? Aren’t those the nutjobs who bury cow skulls in the fields?”.

Well, yes: Järna is a bit of an alternative place, with lots of Waldorf schools, yoga practitioners and biodynamic farms. But what does that mean? Biodynamic farming I mean? I just always thought about it as something nice. Organic maybe. Good for you somehow. But I’ll admit I’ve no clue what it actually is. What sets it apart from organic farming.

Since some of my friends who don’t live in Järna challenge me with comments like the one above, I feel I should investigate the matter a little. So that I have a better answer the next time. Do they really bury cow skulls in the fields? And if so, why? There must be a purpose.

In this film we’ll meet Johan Nilsson, who is one of the chairpersons of the Swedish biodynamic farming association. We’ll also meet Johan’s partner Disa Mineur, who is a holistic reproductive coach.

Music and lyrics by Joakim Ehn. Directed by me, Mattias Olsson, for Campfire Stories.

To see a short teaser, click here.

Spreading the love

To hear more music from the incomperable trubadour and poet Joakim Ehn, click here.
To find out more about the highly important documentary Detained, which was filmed at the same refugee detention centre that we visited in the film, click here.
The songs by Joakim Ehn that were used in the film were recorded at Nataraj Recordings Studio, by the amazingly warmhearted producer Thomas Falk.

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