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We’ve added fun tiers and rewards!

Welcome to the new Campfire Stories Patreon page. When I started it I kept it really simple, just letting people choose their monthly pledge without offering any rewards. But I’ve been thinking about it … And really, the people who are supporting Campfire Stories at Patreon are valuable and solid contributors who’ve committed a monthly amount to help us continue exist and develop. Of course they should get rewarded for that! I mean, yes, it’s maybe a reward in and of itself to know that you’re a part of this thing. But still.

So as a token of my appreciation, there are now different levels of rewards that come back to you when you join the Patreon family. There’s the possibility of seeing our new releases before everyone else does, and to get credited at the end of the films. There’s also a Ted Talk-style presentation of me and how Campfire Stories got started that you get access to.

I’ve also opened up another exciting possibility: If you’re running an organization that wants to support our work you can jump onboard as our ongoing Executive Producer, and get credited as such in the opening credits of all of our films.

Click the button below to get redirected to our new Patreon site. Thank you for being you and for supporting us in a way that works for you!



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