Meet Pella Thiel

Pella is a doer. She is an ecologist who was instrumental in founding the Swedish branch of the Transition Network. She’s a lecturer, a writer and the recipient of A Sustainable Prize 2021 for her work with turning ecocide into an international crime. She runs courses in inner transition and is the creator of environmental festivals. She has taken over the baton from the likes of Polly Higgins and the work done at the World Peoples Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth.

In this clip I meet her at her farm near Stockholm, Sweden. We sit down to talk about what Nature’s Rights is, and why it’s such a powerful idea.

This is a an outtake straight from the editing room of the upcoming Campfire Stories film titled ”A Journey Into Transition”. Here’s a trailer for the film. If you want to receive more clips as this production moves on, and find out when the full film is released, you can sign up for our newsletter below.


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