So, here’s how all of this happened.

I was trying to find the contact info for biodynamic farmer and food fermentation specialist Brigid LeFevre of Förädlad, whom I was reaching out to regarding an interview. And so I was scrolling around her facebook page, like one does, and saw a post that caught my eye. It was a video she’d taken of a musical group who had randomly asked if they could play her a song while she was planting in the garden.

The wind had caught and carried away most of the music in that clip, but I could still tell it was a very special tune. When I got a hold of Brigid and we’d agreed to do the podcast episode, I asked her about the video post she’d made. We both felt it would be a great starting point for our show to try to recreate that moment with the musicians.

It turned out the musicians were students of the nearby Youth Initiative Program. They had just a few days left until the end of their course at YIP. Lucky for us, and the world, we were able to find the time to set up the song one more time. With proper audio recording gear this time.

The podcast episode with Brigid will come out in the fall of 2020. Until then, hope you enjoy this teaser as much as we do!

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