A Journey Into Transition


Before I began filming for the new Campfire Stories project – A Journey Into Transition – I spent a lot of time thinking about how to set the tone. Like, which entry point to use for diving into the field of Transition. I mean, it’s a pretty big topic, and before telling a story it can be useful to decide on a few ground rules on how to tell that story.

Here’s what I came up with: “What if my actions actually matter?”

That’s a six word sentence with some pretty big implications. We’re told daily, through the voice of “Mother Culture”, that our actions don’t really make a difference. That we’re but one person among 7 billion others. That you need a huge platform to be able to make any kind of change.

But when we add the variable “Time” to the concept of “Change” we get a different formula: we simply don’t know what rippling effects could come over time from the way we interact with the world.

So, with the thesis that the actions of an ordinary person can make a difference in my backpocket, I set out to create an opening sequence for the next film. Something that can set the tone for the rest of the work.

Today I’m happy to share this little trailer with you. I hope you like it!


A pretty big PS here: I realise that the popular narrative around “being the change you’d like to see” might be overly preaching that the individual do the right thing, and not focus nearly enough on what large scale policy changes need to occur to stop corporations’ and nation states’ abilities to mine the commons for short sighted profit. Rest assured that the importance of acting in community, and putting pressure on politicians to change laws will also be an important part of the film as it moves forward.

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