Fertility of the Body

We’re currently working on two films – one on the fertility of the soil and the other on the fertility of the body. They should be finished in the early parts of 2021 with the first of the two hopefully being released as early as January or February.

The first film features Disa Mineur, who I met while making the film On Biodynamic Farming. While not the main focus in that film, Disa does make a brief appearance (about 11 mins in) making a beautiful connection between a healthy body and healthy soil. In this upcoming film she’ll have the opportunity to go much more in depth about her field: holistic reproductive health. She’ll also share the story of how she healed her cervical dysplasia using herbs and other natural remedies.

If you like the music in the clip, the artist is this amazing raw talent Minoa. You can hear more of her music on Soundcloud or Spotify.



Fertility of the Soil

The second film is with Brigid Lefevre who is a masterful food fermenter. She runs a biodynamic CSA (community supported agriculture) in Järna, Sweden. In this film she’ll let us in on what it was like to grow up in a camp-hill community in Northern Ireland, and what nuggets of wisdom she’s brought with her from what most people would probably call an extreme upbringing. In the clip above she talks about what biodynamic agriculture is. Expect the full film to come out around March 2021.

Oh, and if you want more from this project, check out this beautiful clip from a very special visit to Bridgid’s garden. And turn the volume up will you!


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