What is the Transition Movement?
– a podcast with Rob Hopkins

I joined the Transition Movement in my home country of Sweden last year, but I will admit that I didn’t really do my homework on the organization before joining. At first I didn’t know that it existed in other places, that it originated in England or who Rob Hopkins was.

So why did I join, you ask? Well, you know when something just feels right? This was a group that seemed to get excited about similar things that I get excited about: like growing your own veggies and nurturing local culture. They talk about de-growth and regenerative farming & logging. And collaborating with neighbors to make the world friendlier. Taking care of bees and butterflies. Ideas like working less & spending more time with family. Universal basic income. World changing powerful ideas that are oh so necessary in this mad time of fence building, polarization and exponential growth of shit we don’t need.

The Transition Movement definitely seemed like my kind of organization. But I wanted to know more about it. How did it begin, and why. What kind of cool projects might they be doing in Totnes? The birthplace of it all.

Click above to listen to the podcast and below to hear/see a brief trailer.

If you’re curious about how I made it to the UK from Stockholm by train, and want to hear of some of the adventures along the way, check out this blog post, where I pay proper respects to the Gods of Trains and Timetables.

Would you like to find out more about the Transition Movement, and maybe join or start a hub in your community? Click here. And to find out more on what Rob Hopkins is up to, check out his website here.

The music in this podcast was made by Anton Pettersson. Here’s a link for his artist page on Spotify. And here’s a link for his Soundcloud page.

To listen to the other podcast which resulted from my trip to England – with author and poet Stephen Jenkinson – click here.

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